Everyone has it.

We don’t always see it; we don’t always appreciate it.  This is true even with our own value.

We need to take time and pause; take time to reflect.  Take time to see the value that others have and that we have. Everyone has strengths, even if sometimes those strengths need to found and developed.

We should see the value in others—we need to.  We need to look with open eyes, we need to look both beyond and within ourselves.   This is especially true when individuals can’t see the value in themselves.

Valuing others is one way we can work to fulfill our collective potential.

Our personal value is not increased at the expense of others, rather, our value is increased when we respect and develop the worth of others.  The ability to accomplish this starts with open eyes, continues with an open mind, and grows with an open heart.  Great accomplishments can be at hand through teamwork, but to begin, one must realize the value of all those involved.


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