A Need to Share

Why do I take what I do so seriously? It’s a deceptively easy question.

First, it’s my passion. But just as importantly it’s my responsibility-my moral and ethical responsibility.  As educators we are all moral actors, entrusted with the development of society’s future.

My actions have a direct impact on the lives of students. And I take great pride in the fact that I do my best to empower my students with knowledge.

We live in a society where the amount of knowledge is growing exponentially. We cannot possibly deliver all of this knowledge, but we can facilitate the development of skills that will allow our students to seek and understand this knowledge. This is at the heart of our responsibility.  In fact, I believe this is our moral imperative as educators.

It is our duty to treat all our students equitably; to meet their individual needs to the best of our ability.  To whatever extent we are capable, we need to help our students grow into the greatest of their potential. Regardless of who our students are, they have this potential.  It is our duty to help them develop the tools they will need throughout their life’s journey.

In order for our students (this generation and every generation thereafter) to be empowered, we need to help them develop to their fullest potential.  As clichéd as it might be, knowledge is power. If we shortchange our students ability to access, understand, and use this knowledge, we are disempowering them. We cannot let this happen.  I truly believe that we are stronger and better together. Therefore, empowering all of our students, benefits every one of us.

 Sometimes, with all the stresses of being an educator, we can lose sight of this. We shouldn’t.  I believe that is one of the biggest reasons we need to work together.  In order to help our students, we have to help ourselves first. If we are not empowered, if we do not own our actions, we cannot model this for our students.  It can be so difficult, downright impossible, to fulfill your potential by yourself.

So don’t.

I implore you to reflect on your practice.  Share your strengths.  Admit your weaknesses. Work to develop them both.  None of us are alone-reach out, collaborate, grow.

We need to be proud of what we do, and share it.


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